In the age of a cocktail revolution, the most important aspect of all cocktails has been ignored. ICE
Ice can make or break a cocktail. Dilution, the melting of ice in the mixing and drinking process, can ruin a cocktail by putting too much or too little water in your drink and throwing off the delicate balance. The other problem is chilling. We all like our drinks to be ice cold, but we don’t like them to be watery cold.

The solution is bigger ice cubes. A bigger ice cube has the added bonus of chilling the contents of a shaker can or cocktail and not diluting the cocktail full of water. This is why Névé was invented.

Today, we will talk about chemistry and equilibrium. And booze, yes, booze is important.

Everything wants to be in equilibrium. So if you have a cocktail, with normal machine-made ice cubes in it, the cocktail wants to get cooler and the ice cubes want to get warmer.

The ice cubes can exchange their cold for the cocktail's heat, where they have exposed surface area. So they do. It's called heat transfer.

In theory, the ice cubes are supposed to stop melting once they hit equilibrium and are as warm as the cocktail. In theory. But, we all know that THAT never happens. Eventually the machine-made ice cubes melt away and disappear and your cocktail is diluted. Things are different with Large ice cubes.

Large ice cubes have less surface area, which are sites of heat transfer, so they don't melt as quickly as a bunch of small ice cubes in the same volume. Which means your drink stays true to its potency and it stays colder longer. Huzzah!

Bartenders know that bigger ice cubes are better. That's why sometimes you see them jabbing ice picks into blocks of ice. That's so old school though, and it’s not cost-effective. Nowadays, you can get yourself some pre-made large ice cubes from Névé Ice.

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