Over thousands of years, the purest snow falls and accumulates on the highest mountain peaks in the world. Over time, this snow is compressed and forms glaciers - large, slow-moving masses of ice which are the largest reservoir of fresh water on earth. The formation of this pure and dense ice is called Névé (pronounced ne-vey).

The Declaration of Ice

We the People of Névé Ice, in order to form the most perfect cocktail, establish that all ice shall be hand cut, insure that no ice cube shall melt before its time, provide that only the purest water shall be used for ice production, secure the acquisition of larger profits by the use of larger cubes (due to their lack of dilution), do ordain and establish this craft cocktail ice company.

Névé Ice

The Original Craft Cocktail Ice Company

Serving Los Angeles County and Surounding Area's

Estabished 2008

t: 323-644-0151