Névé offers an assortment of ice shapes to accommodate your needs. While we specialize in the production of ice for cocktails, our cubes can also be used to maintain the wonderful flavor of any drink you deem worthy: iced-tea, lemonade, punch, ice cafĂ©, soft drinks, etc.

Collins cube

1.5" by 1.5" by 4" Cube

Cube is perfect for tall glasses, lowering the temperature of your drink without affecting the carbonation with excessive water. Use this ice for Moscow mules, cuba libre, cape cod, or one of the most popular cocktail of all time, the Gin "&" Tonic

Crack this cube with a bar spoon to create small and large cubes to make stirred drinks with, the large pieces will provide the chill needed, and the small pieces will provide the dillution needed.

Rocks cube

2" by 2" by 2" Cube

Made for shorter and wider glasses. Use this ice cube for most cocktails, fine spririts served on the rock.
Example: Sours, Margarita, whiskey

Crack this cube with a bar spoon to create small and large cubes to make their cracked ice drinks with.
Example: Caipirinha, Gordon's cup

Mini Rocks cube

1.5" by 1.5" by 1.5" cube

The Mini Rocks cube is the smaller sister to the Rocks cube. Made for all glassware and all applications. Use this ice cube for all cocktails across the board and to shake with.

Shaking Ice

1.5" by 2" by 1.5" no corners.

Cubes are created without corners. Why you may ask? The weakest part of a cube is it's corner. Therefore if you shake a cocktail with cubes that have corners, they will explode in your cocktail shaker causing heightened dilution (basicly more water in your drink) and who really wants more water in there drink?

So which drinks should be shaken? The rule of thumb is all drinks that contain citrus. Example: Gimlet, Sours, Daiquiri's, Daisy's, etc.

Nugget Ice

The problem with crushed ice is that you have to put heat into the ice to crush it. You either shave it (warm sharp blade on ice) or smash/crush it (usually a machine or sometimes done by hand) but either way it will be a watery mush when you're ready to use it in your cocktail.

Not with our ice, our Nugget ice is specifically frozen in it's nugget shape to minimize the dilution upon contact with your drink.

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