"For a bartender, the knowledge of ice and dilution, directly compares to a chef's knowledge of heat and cooking!"

~ Michel Dozois, original creator of Craft Ice.

"...We were making slurpies before Névé came along."

~ Chef Michael Voltaggio, Ink Restaurant, West Hollywood, Top Chef candidate season 6

"Ice is one of the key ingredients in a great cocktail or any premium spirit. There has long been a drought of quality ice, but thanks to Névé Luxury Ice, we can once again enjoy a perfect drinking experience."

~ Jacques Bezuidenhout

"...It's the science and attention to detail that make Névé's ice not only look great, but taste even better."

~ Written by Paul Sanguinetti, Ray's and Stark Bar

"Ice is the heart and soul of a cocktail. It is impossible to make great drinks without great ice."

~ Tony Abou-Gamin, The Modern Mixologist

"After only a few minutes of cooling Tequila, both regular ice and Névé ice were sampled at the LA Street Food Fest. The regular ice had already begun to melt, producing unwanted water that masked the drink's robust aromas and herbs. Névé ice not only chilled the beverage but preserved the flavor of the tequila as it was meant to be.."

~ Written by Mark Faicol, Cocktail Enthusiast

Névé Ice

The Original Craft Cocktail Ice Company

Serving Los Angeles County and Surounding Area's

Estabished 2008

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